I carry on moaning about design agencies…

We all know that the “recession” has made life difficult for creative agencies and many have to resort to mass mail tactics over word of mouth. I don’t know if that’s the best plan they ever had but none the less over the last 2 years I have been inundated with emails from them. I find it particularly funny / sad / depressing that almost without exception the emails that I have received have been as creative as breeze block in a breeze block museum. How on earth does a dull, wordy, usually terribly written email align with “being the most creative agency on the planet”? Do they think that the plea to be considered for future work resonates at all? It’s either lazy, misguided or just stupid. Many an Agency will be a small business and the lack of inspiration in this field is a lesson we can all remember (quickly goes over to the marketing team to check our emails).

And NO – do not take this post as an invite to prove me wrong. I have taken to twitter to expose the worse offenders and a bit like the loons that heckle at comedy gigs, engage brain then speak. We only work with very trusted partners that we have had recommendation from and with people we trust. Isn’t most B2B like that? 

Rant over and save your money on buying lists, it’s not working.

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