New Book for Contractors

Welcome to 2009 and let’s start  by taking a peek at a new publication released in December. Aimed at both new and existing Contractors, the “Contractors Handbook” is described as “the expert guide for UK Contractors and Freelancers”.

Written by Dave Chaplin (himself an ex-contractor and owner of Contractor Calculator) it offers a pragmatic approach to both the basics and more advanced matters that Contractors face.  This 463 page book is a lot more detailed than the typical “newbie” guides and covers many of the business development matters in equal detail as the more usual tax concerns. I liked the design of the chapters in that it is very easy to get instant advice on a topic that is top of mind and also Dave’s “Been there, done that” tips give the book a human touch away from some of the technicalities of contracting.

I think this is a long overdue publication for Contractors and Freelancers and Dave is to be complimented on the level of detail, style and great advice that it delivers. This book should be part of every Contractors tool kit and is excellent value for money.

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